It can be uncomfortable when your legs swing around when sitting in a wheelchair. The easiest fix for that is by adding wheelchair footrests. These are designed to enhance comfort, support and mobility for people with disabilities. Aracent Healthcare offers a range of wheelchair footrests tailored to meet various needs and preferences.

Featuring a swing-away design, our wheelchair footrest provides ease of use and convenience, granting users quick access for transfers in and out of the wheelchair. It also ensures the wheelchair user's safety by minimizing the risk of trips and falls.

For the unique requirements of each user, our footrests for wheelchairs come with an adjustable length, easily customized with a tool-free approach. That means no fiddling with complicated mechanisms or searching for specific tools. A few simple adjustments and the footrest will perfectly match the individual's leg length.

Whether you're searching for a new or replacement footrest for a wheelchair, Aracent Helathcare's selection promises quality, durability and a better wheelchair experience. Get your wheelchair footrests today by calling us!