Customizable Wheelchairs

Can't find the right type of wheelchair for your individual needs? Look no further than Aracent Healthcare's offering of customizable wheelchairs, designed to meet the unique preferences of disabled individuals, caregivers and medical professionals. A customizable wheelchair stands out due to its highly customizable features that fit the user's requirements, ensuring greater comfort and functionality.

You'll have extensive customization options, from tailoring the seat width and depth to selecting from various wheels and casters like composite urethane, solid rubber, pneumatic and semi-pneumatic. Choose between a wider range of armrests to suit different activities and lifestyles, while our selection of frame colors can give the wheelchair personal style.

The customization extends to performance-enhancing components such as rear wheels that cater to different terrains and environments, as well as vital accessories like positioning straps, IV/oxygen holders and amputee axles for your custom manual wheelchairs.

If you're searching for a fully customizable manual wheelchair, Aracent Healthcare has what you need. Reach out to us today for additional information about our wheelchairs.