Bariatric Cushions

Bariatric patients should have maximum comfort when sitting on wheelchairs. That’s where a bariatric wheelchair cushion from Aracent Healthcare comes in to provide support, comfort and health protection. These cushions are solely designed for larger uses, which support greater weight capacities (up to 600 lbs.) and can come in larger dimensions (up to 30” wide).

Our bariatric wheelchair cushions are a testament to innovative design. Skin protection wheelchair seath cushions provide the highest level of protection for those at the highest risk of skin breakdown, while positioning cushions help users correct their sitting postures, preventing pain and injuries caused by poor posture. In addition, these specially designed cushions ensure proper orientation in the chair to avoid users sliding around or out of the chair when in use.

Our heavy-duty wheelchair cushions feature moisture-resistant, high-stretch and breathable outer covers, which prevents moisture build-up. The anatomically contoured foam bases are another hallmark of these cushions, offering exceptional pelvic support and positioning. This helps the user maintain proper posture and distribute weight evenly to avoid pressure points.

Our bariatric wheelchair cushions stand out because of their personalized fit, ensuring every bariatric patient has their needs met. Call us today to learn more about these heavy duty wheelchair cushions and how they can improve your loved one's mobility, comfort and overall well-being.