Pediatric Cushions

Children who use wheelchairs need the most comfortable seat to ensure their posterior or legs don’t encounter problems like pressure injuries or muscle atrophies. Instead of using couch pillows as an extra cushioning layer, the best way for parents to keep their children comfortable is by using pediatric wheelchair cushions.

Aracent Healthcare offers wheelchair cushions for young people designed for repositioning. In addition to preventing skin breakdown, these products promote proper posture and alignment, preventing pain and injuries. These ensure your child is always seated comfortably and safely. Our pediatric wheelchair cushions use breathable material, promoting air circulation and reducing heat buildup to maintain optimal skin integrity.

We also understand how kids want a pediatric wheelchair seat cushion to look unique. That’s why we offer alternative outer cover options for most of our cushion models. Some outer cover options we provide include Kid*ab*ra, Pink Lollipop and Blizzard Blue, giving your kid’s wheelchair some personality. Plus, if the outer covers get dirty, you can always wash them in warm water using neutral detergent. These are enough to remove the bacteria from the cover and make it safe for children to sit on again.

Our wheelchair cushions for children provide physical support and bring a touch of comfort to every use. Call us now if you have more questions about our wheelchair cushions.