Wheelchair Accessories

Upgrade your wheelchair with a range of wheelchair accessories for a more personalized and enjoyable experience. These innovative add-ons offer numerous benefits for wheelchair users. For those looking to enhance overall safety, Invacare® products such as chest and seat positioning straps secure the user properly within the chair, while front and rear anti-tippers are designed to prevent the wheelchair from tipping during use.

Expand your wheelchair's basic capabilities with IV bags or oxygen holders, ensuring essential medical equipment is always available and within reach. Wheel lock extensions offer added convenience by allowing the wheels to be locked more easily, while a host of wheelchair footrest or elevating leg rest options provide greater comfort and positioning during extended use. Whatever your needs, we have the necessary manual wheelchair accessories to make life more manageable.

Overall, accessories for wheelchairs can greatly improve the quality of life for wheelchair users and make daily activities more manageable. Each of our wheelchair accessories boasts a durable and lightweight design, constructed from high-quality materials to ensure longevity and ease of use. Every accessory we offer aims to improve the user experience and make a difference in your daily life.

Shop now and enjoy the freedom and independence that our wheelchair accessories have to offer.