Positioning Cushions

Gain exceptional support with one of our superior positioning cushions, specifically crafted to enhance stability and body alignment in your wheelchair. These cushions are designed to correct postural asymmetries, such as slouching or hunching, that place harmful stresses on the body and aid in eliminating the risk of injuries caused by poor posture.

Also known as anti-thrust cushions, positioning cushions also prevent users from sliding forward in their seat during motion. They are typically angled or contoured to ease pressure on the lower pelvis, thus redistributing body weight to facilitate enhanced comfort during prolonged sitting periods.

Our positioning cushions for wheelchairs are ideal for anyone needing additional support due to mobility limitations, recovery from procedures or those seeking to enhance their seating comfort. They are instrumental in promoting correct posture and boosting overall health. With a range of available sizes, materials and outer cover options, these wheelchair cushions are an excellent choice for a variety of users and needs.

Get your wheelchair positioning cushions at your mobility equipment supplier Aracent Healthcare today! We’ll help you choose the right cushion to ensure you receive nothing but top-tier support!