Elevating Legrests

Elevating legrests, also known as ELRs, can improve blood circulation, pressure distribution, and comfort for wheelchair users. You can get Aracent Healthcare’s elevating legrests, which are also great to properly position one or both legs if they cannot be bent.

Our collection of elevating leg rests for wheelchairs focuses on the user’s comfort and convenience. Unlike conventional wheelchair footrests, these products elevate up to 90° to support the legs in a more natural and comfortable position. They reduce pressure and pain on the lower back, hips and legs by allowing users to elevate their legs and distribute weight more evenly. The swing-away design allows each model to be effortless swung out of the way for added space and convenience. You won’t have to worry about the elevated leg rests breaking because they come with durable aluminum or composite footplates and padded calf pads to improve overall leg comfort.

Each product in our catalog comes with the highest standards of quality and ingenuity, ensuring every person can experience the best that mobility aids have to offer. Talk to one of our experts if you need professional assistance in picking the right elevating legrests for your Invacare® wheelchair.