Front Riggings

If you want to improve the comfortability and functionality of a wheelchair, consider installing Aracent Healthcare’s front riggings. These are simple wheelchair features that enable the user to improve the comfortability of their legs. With an emphasis on durability and adaptability, our products help enhance the mobility experience for users.

Every piece in our selection boasts high-quality front riggings featuring robust footplates and either heel loops or padded calf pads that ensure maximum support and ease during use. The comfort and well-being of your loved ones are paramount, and our wheelchair front riggings can deliver just that.

You can also adjust our front riggings to accommodate taller users that require more length than conventional legrests. They also swing-away effortlessly to clear the foot space and allow the user to stand or transfer from the wheelchair without injuring their legs.

Our front riggings for wheelchairs are also a testament to our commitment to excellence and inclusivity in mobility solutions. Grab the chance to elevate your loved one’s wheelchair by installing our dependable front riggings. If you want to order a set, contact your mobility equipment supplier today!