Cushions & Backrests

Finding the right seating and positioning solution is an essential consideration for all wheelchair users. Using the proper wheelchair cushions and wheelchair backrests is imperative for maximizing your overall health and well-being. Cushions and backrests not only provide a more comfortable experience but also ensure proper postural alignment, weight distribution and pressure relief.

They even help prevent conditions such as sores, skin breakdown or even ulcers. We offer a large array of wheelchair seat cushions and wheelchair backrests that maximize comfort and provide essential support for all users and needs. Standard wheelchair cushions and backrests are available in the most common sizes utilized by adults.

Bariatric (HD) wheelchair cushions and wheelchair backrests accommodate larger users and offer greater weight capacities, while pediatric wheelchair cushions and wheelchair backrests are tailored for the specific needs of children and smaller users. For patients requiring a more personalized fit, look no further than our custom wheelchair backrests and cushion options.

Our offered Invacare® products are available in a variety of styles and materials, each designed for different individual needs. Backrests and wheelchair cushions for pressure relief incorporate materials such as soft and immersive foam, gel and others for maximum comfort and skin protection.

Our line of positioning products is geared specifically towards promoting optimal spine alignment and postural support and aids in preventing adverse conditions resulting from prolonged sitting. For added personalization and even greater comfort and support, check out our extensive selection of wheelchair cushions and wheelchair backrest accessories. Whatever wheelchair requirements you need, Aracent Healthcare has you covered.

Call today to speak with our product specialists to discuss the ideal seating and positioning solution for you.